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Halloween Preview–Black Cat and Cute Devil Mini Paper Mache

I love Halloween and as the Grandin Road Halloween Haven website blares, it’s only 87 days away as of today. In preparation for Halloween, I always start projects in the summer. Here are two little guys that will be premiering this year: a black cat and a cute, smiling devil.

They are simple to make. I used a medium weight-gauge wire and pliers to make the armatures like so:

Then I wrapped the armatures in masking tape–this makes it easier to adjust the shape and to paper mache them.


To paper mache them I use liquid starch. I find that it’s really smooth and easy to clean-up. I tear small strips of newspaper and then layer them onto the armatures, dipping each in the liquid starch.


Finally, the fun part is painting and then accessorizing them. For the cat, I found some old stickers that I had been saving for something–not quite sure what, but they worked. For the smiling devil, I added a cape made of tissue paper, which I cut and glued on, and lastly, the spear, because no devil is complete without one. It’s a gold pipe cleaner that I happened to have in my craft loot too.


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